PCP Leadership

Transform the way you work with your network of preferred specialists.


PCPs are accountable for the total cost of their patient’s care and must build a strong foundation of collaboration with preferred specialists who receive their referrals. Treatspace connects PCPs and specialists electronically so they can manage referrals more effectively -- regardless of the EHR system that is being used.

Build a connected network for patient care coordination

When it comes to coordinated care, it’s crucial that PCPs are at the center, strategically building their network of trusted specialists. Treatspace helps primary care practices achieve their best referral network coverage in more than 50 specialty categories.

best-coordinated-care Choose the best care coordination partners
geographic-convenience Ensure geographic convenience for your patients
reduce-patient-time Deliver high level of accessibility to reduce patient’s time to treatment

Measure the performance of your practice and specialist partners

With referral network analytics, PCP leadership can assess whether care coordination goals are being met by both PCPs and Specialists. They can answer pertinent questions that help their practice align with the best partners to continue to meet cost and quality measures.

Which specialties are doing the best job of exchanging consult reports on a timely basis?

Learn from your partners and continue to innovate together

It doesn’t matter that your partners are not employed by the same organization or are using the same EHR. Innovation in patient care coordination will be beneficial to all involved in the process, especially the patient.

  • examine-care-patterns
    Examine care coordination patterns and continue to improve processes with your partners.
  • constant-cycles
    Employ a constant cycle of Build, Measure, Learn.
  • customize-netowrk
    Customize your specialist network to meet the needs of your patient population.
Take the lead toward high-performance care coordination

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